Que reste-t-il de nos amours - Charles Trenet & Charles Chaplin from Liviu Balint on Vimeo.

Charmance: when the music of Charles Trenet meets the genius of Charles Chaplin.

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream from Dave Borucki on Vimeo.

"Bringing It All Back Home", 1965.

Fixed in Bucharest from qiu on Vimeo.

Having fun in the City

Music: Beastie Boys - Sure Shot

Site: bucharestfixed.ro

A bird ballet from Neels CASTILLON on Vimeo.

* New short film online * vimeo.com/85171830

An mesmering murmuration of starlings.
We were shooting for a commercial, waiting for an helicopter flying into the sunset, when thousands and thousands of birds came and made this incredible dance in the sky. It was amazing, we just forgot our job and started this little piece of poetry… Enjoy !
Directed by Neels CASTILLON
Shot by Mathias Touzeris
Produced by Masterfilms.
Music: Hand-made - Alt J

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.


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A chance encounter and shared moment with one of natures greatest and most fleeting phenomena.

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Angus & Julia Stone - Take You Away from Liviu Balint on Vimeo.

… over some classic scenes from ”Casablanca”.

Jónsi - Stars in Still Water [Acoustic] - Live at Origami Vinyl from plastic pearl on Vimeo.

An intimate acoustic performance from Jónsi of Sigur Ros at Origami Vinyl. Shot on October 17, 2010

Directed by Jack Schlinkert
Add’l Camera by Max Sweeney